Moviestarplanet Hack – Free MSP VIP, Starcoins & Diamonds

MovieStarPlanet is actually a 100 % free online game in which focuses on kids amongst the ages of Five to Fifteen. The gamer is able to choose a superstar, get dressed the actual celebrity out, choose his or her hairstyle, produce movie films as well as talk with them all, and quite often these are generally utilizing Moviestarplanet Hack being an full advantage towards this game. The primary objective of the online game is to obtain fame and also fortune which is carried out by community interactions, production of movie films as well as watching movies created by other individuals.

Accomplishing this generates you Star coins which can be used to purchase resources for your personal movie films like for example outfits as well as background objects and even fame points which increases your current ranking. This video game is actually a entertaining and fascinating online game, below are great tips for playing it and if it’s happen that you still don’t have an account on MSP you can make an free account here.


Strategies for Greater Knowledge in Playing Moviestarplanet:

  1. In the real world it’s essential to put on pleasant attire to become recognize of your crush, the similar logic is applicable to MSP. The most popular you appear a lot more fame you’ll receive.
  2. If you’d like to multiply your own fame and coins farming, you’re going to be having to upgrade into VIP. You may get numerous VIP pals which can help you in the process.
  3. Producing short films is definitely the # 1 must on this online game considering that you are going to gain starcoins and also fame if a person views your short movies.
  4. Much like in the advice above you can make a lot more starcoins and fame if you make much longer films.
  5. Once you created movies you’ll need people to see it, you are able to promote your movies on your friends and then make them all see your movie so that you can receive resouces.
  6. After you requested your friend to look at your own movie, additionally asked all of them for an autograph to obtain fame, you can view it all inside your e-mail if somebody sent you an autograph.

Moviestarplanet Important Resources Tutorial:

starcoins-msphack.gamersconvention.infoStar coins

MovieStarPlanet Star coins are definitely the primary money within this online game and you are clearly have to have many of them so that you can go up within this online game. You should purchase outfits for your personal celebrity, items on your films and many more. However, you may use msp cheats to obtain all these.

Signing in one or more times each day can help receive coins because you will have the opportunity to spin the bonus wheel each time you sign in. after you have gained the coins make sure you collect all of them simply by shifting your computer mouse to each and every coin. Viewing films created by different gamers will also get you star coins, make sure you view towards the ending and also rate it as then you can receive the coins. Doing communications along with other people and having these to view your films also generates you star points, or perhaps utilize a working moviestarplanet hack tool online in order to make everything simple and easy.


Diamonds will be the main currency for this online game that you can use with buying things from the Diamond Store. The Diamond Store is found in the Shopping area of the online game. You’ll be able to purchase special dresses, products, animations, etc. on the Diamond Shop. However, remember the fact that you can not make trades any sort of items that had been bought using Diamonds.

When you buy pretty much any VIP subscription, you can aquire Diamonds. A few other methods to receive Diamonds usually are by acquiring the Diamond bundle, winning competitions in various competitions, or even simply by receiving them within daily rewards additionally, the final alternative is to try MSP Cheats. Then again, Diamonds are supplied as every day prizes through the Piggy Bank only when you’ve got Star or Elite VIP membership.

fame-points-msphack.gamersconvention.infoFame points

MovieStarPlanet fame points is actually a rating of your improvement done in the online game. Making sufficient fame points will carry you into a advanced level and even provide you with many game benefits. There are numerous methods to get all these fame points.

A proven way is always to produce short films, short movie films are a lot easier to watch so when a person views it you will get fame points. Produce as much short films as you possibly can and have a person to see it, additionally present to as many folks as you can, the more often your own films is viewed a lot more fame points for you. One other way is always to request autographs in every chat rooms, community forums because this additionally obtains you fame points. Ensure that you have an eye-catching appearance and room as well as an exciting art book because this will certainly bring in gamers closer. Stay involved along with other gamers to be able to boost your popularity. Practicing these will surely produce a great deal of fame points.

moviestarplanet hack vip msphack.gamersconvention.infoVIP

If you want to become a VIP, you can use MovieStarPlanet VIP Hack, or you simply must invest in your desired VIP bundle so that you can benefit from a lot of privileges that is included with becoming VIP (look at all these ways about being a VIP). It’s also possible to get free MSP VIP through winning a every week competition with movie town. And you may additionally work with an Moviestarplanet hack tool that could transform your account directly into MSP free VIP. MovieStarPlanet Diamond is actually a money, it’s an extremely strong money that is exclusive for VIP players. You can utilize diamonds to purchase your materials. It’s also possible to Trade diamonds to get a free added bonus spin for lots more star coins. There are lots of bundles inside the VIP and for that reason you’re sure to pick one you want.


This MovieStarPlanet online game is definitely a enjoyable video game which engages boys and girls creative imagination. The above mentioned strategies will enable you to have fun even while being successful in the game. Just please be considerate on using moviestarplanet hack tool, generate moderate amount of Starcoins and Diamonds daily, just don’t spam the hell out of it in just a day.